Mute Forest


Mute Forest is my solo project and my most introspective and spacious. In Mute Forest I combine nylon guitar passages with heavily processed field recordings and subtle electronics. Mute Forest's Infinity Pools EP is out now with it's follow up full length, Deforestation, to be released in 2015 via Lost Tribe Sound. You can purchase Infinity Pools EP below as well as stream Two Songs From a Lake Floor (single) below.

Mute Forest

Infinity Pools EP


1. Crypt

2. Volcanoes Flowing

3. Infinity Pools

4. Eat the Skin


Infinity Pools was written, recorded and mixed by Kael Smith and mastered by Taylor Deupree (12k). Original artwork by Gregory Euclide (Bon Iver, Erased Tapes). Released April 7th 2015 via Lost Tribe Sound.



Mute Forest

Two Songs from a Lake Floor (single)


1. Frail Light

2. When We Walked, Every Creature Hid


Two Songs from a Lake Floor is the debut single from Mute Forest.



Lost Tribe Sound

Without Darkness



00:00 – William Ryan Fritch – Aimless Dreams (Empty EP)
02:30 – Graveyard Tapes – Our Sound Is Our Wound (Our Sound Is Our Wound)
07:35 – Mute Forest – Volcanos Flowing (Upcoming EP)
12:20 – William Ryan Fritch – Skunk (Music For Film Vol. I)
13:15 – William Ryan Fritch – Perpetual Motion (Heavy EP)
18:06 – Vieo Abiungo – With Its Slow Decay (Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment)
21:59 – Benoit Pioulard – Hawkeye (Remote Viewer Remix)(Hymnal Remixes)
26:41 – Graveyard Tapes – Ruins (White Rooms)
30:55 – William Ryan Fritch – Glass Slowly Shifts (The Old Believers OST)
31:43 – William Ryan Fritch – Bind and Unbind (Leave Me Like You Found Me)
34:55 – Vieo Abiungo – With Each Forgetful Step…Progress (Nils Frahm Remix)(And The World Is Still Yawning Remixed)
38:57 – William Ryan Fritch – In Dusky Ruin (Music For Film Vol. I)
40:19 – Western Skies Motel – As The Flames Rose (Upcoming LP)
41:50 – William Ryan Fritch – With Each Sweet Submersion (Music For Film Vol. I)
43:01 – Skyphone – Four Colours (Hildur)
47:25 – William Ryan Fritch – Lowered Expectations (Emptied Animal)


Curated exlusively for Headphone Commute by Lost Tribe Sound label owner Ryan Keane. Without Darkness Features the unreleased Mute Forest song "Volcanoes Flowing" which will appear on the "Infinity Pools" EP. Other artists include William Ryan Fritch, Nils Frahm, Benoit Pioulard, Graveyard Tapes and More. Artwork by Gregory Euclid (Bon Iver - Bon Iver)